May 04, 2011

It's been awhile...

Lots of updates this time! Going to go in bullets because it's way easier than trying to make all of this flow!

  • I've decided to start blogging here on a more regular basis for our family and close friends and try not to put so much on Facebook. We've had a really busy couple of months. My 14 year old sister Briana came to live with us in January so it's been pretty interesting getting to parent a teen! For the most part she is a lot of help and she has matured by leaps and bounds!
  • Both boys are playing soccer for the YMCA. Marshall really loves it and does well. Ben didn't care for it and acted scared the first few times but he is starting to warm up to it. They have a great coach and he makes it fun.
  • We are almost done with our first year of school! Our area has been rezoned to a different school district so Marshall will be starting First grade at a new school. I was upset at first but we toured it last night and it is AWESOME! It was just built a few years ago and it's very up to date on its technology and the music department....WOW! Marshall loved it so I hope he adjusts well!
  • Ben is already signed up for preschool next year! SUPER excited for that..and maybe a little bit sad! But it's time.
  • I will be finished with school at the end of this month. I will hold certificates as a Medical Assistant and a Medical Insurance Specialist. Not sure where I will end up working but I'm excited to start this new Chapter!
  • We FINALLY closed on our house. Almost 2 months after our original closing date. We have slowly been remodeling since then. Painted our kitchen (the color is peach cobbler and it's stunning!) and replaced all the knobs, hinges, and light fixtures (all were gold...yuck) Also replaced the white range hood with a black one to match our stove and other appliances. I LOVE, love, love the way it turned out! Now I just have to add a little more decor and I will be satisfied.
  • We took the boys on their first camping trip for Marshall's 6th birthday and that was pretty exciting! We fished and hiked and just sat around the camp fire and watched the boys explore nature. The worst part was sleeping. We just took sleeping bags and it SUCKED! The first night it rained and our tent leaked. The second night it was really freaking cold! I moved Ben into my bag because he wouldn't say in his and that child is like a furnace! I woke up sweating! All in all, it was a great family weekend.
  • We are heading home the first of July to visit our family and go to our first Card.inals game. The boys are excited as am I! We all have our shirts and we are ready to go!
  • I've gone 9 months without an allergic reaction (knock on wood) It's getting easier to know what to avoid. Thankfully, no new allergies have popped up and my OAS ones are still mild. (this are the foods that I can eat cooked but not raw and they don't cause an anaphylactic reaction) Those are: potatoes, carrots, celery, apples, cherries, peaches, and chocolate. The ones that cause anaphylaxis are all tree nuts, peanuts, and strawberries. I just continue to hope that the boys don't have any food allergies.
  • Ben and I just had our cavities filled for the first time. His were mostly in between his teeth (no spacing between his teeth.AT.ALL.) but one was kind of bad so they had to put a cap on it. It was rough and I felt awful for him. I hope we can prevent more from happening and that he doesn't have issues with the spacing when his adult teeth come in. I had 5 filled (I've know about three of them since I was 19 and the other two I got after my pregnancies) I've been putting it off and putting it off and finally just went and had it done. I ended up having all 5 done in 30 minutes and and without anything to numb me. It hurt but it wasn't too bad. Just glad to have it done!
  • Marshall told me the other day that he wants to be a kindergarten teacher and an astronaut! 
I think that brings everyone up to date for the most part. I'm going to try really hard to put all the cute stuff the boys say on here and lots of pictures! They get funnier everyday!


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