January 05, 2009

REMEMBER....we talked about this

Marshall's funny. Probably one of the funniest kids I know. I talk to him about a lot of stuff. Whenever he asks a question, Dustin and I try to give him the most honest, age appropriate answer we can. We've talked about what he should do if there is a fire, when he was in my tummy and how he got there, and proper cleaning of his "parts". He isn't very good at wiping just yet so I have to remind him to wash really well in the bath. Well, the other night as I was reminding him he looked up at me and said "remember....we talked about this!" He also likes to bring up things Dustin tells him. Dustin is always reminding him to take care of his toys. Since we moved, Dustin has been working on a lot of stuff and his tools are seeing more use than ever..haha. A day or two after Christmas, Marshall had my little hammer and was trying to hit the wall. Dustin told him to pretend on one of his toys instead and Marshall said "but dad, you told me to take care of my toys!"

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