January 30, 2010


We all made it back to Florida safe & sound about 2 weeks ago. We are enjoying some pretty nice days...sure beats the snow Missouri has right now!

When we got here I tried to get Marshall back into preschool and his former preschool has no openings. The director told me to call the VPK office to see if he was eligible for the summer program and it's been almost 2 weeks and they STILL haven't called me back. We still don't know if/when we will be PCS'ing, so Dustin and I made the decision to homeschool him until we know and are settled. We don't want to keep pulling him in and out of school. I know that will be his life until we are out of the Air Force but I want to put it off for as long as possible. We are using www.time4learning.com and he loves it. We do a few hours of online work and then he practices his writing. He actually ASKS to do his schoolwork! Since homeschooling is pretty flexible, we are still getting in lots of time with friends. I'm hoping that he will want to do a some type of sport this spring so we can meet some more friends! He played soccer when he was three but I didn't feel like he was ready for it so I'm hoping at almost 5 he will be. Ben is a little different at 3 so I think he might play this year too. They are starting to get bigger and we are finding that we can do more "fun" stuff with them.

We also found out this week that our rental house is going up for a short sale so we are currently looking for a new house. Yeah..so wish us luck on that one! Love you all!


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