September 03, 2009

Updates: 9/3/2009

Lots of stuff going on at the Greer house!

First off: Marshall started school last Monday. His first week was wonderful. Teacher said he was very quiet...which is hilarious considering who his mother is!! ME and the word quiet have NEVER been used in the same sentence! But this week he proved himself worthy. The teacher had to talk to me today. Apparently he is very good at completely his work and doing it properly...but then he wanders off to go do whatever HE wants to do. Then today he made friends with a very interesting child that likes to talk to me ALL the time. Well Marshall and this little boy had a field day taking turns acting up and then doing it together. But I heard his teacher tell that boy's dad that he WASN'T doing his work so at least we have that going for us!

Ben is sad every single day. He cries his heart out when we drop Marshall off because HE want's to go to school too! Ben also found a girlfriend. Her name is Layla and she is adorable!! Problem is that Marshall got to hang out with her too and now he says that she is HIS girlfriend. they got into this morning over her and Ben slapped Marshall and said she's MY grrrfriend. I didn't think I would have to deal with this at the ages of 2 & 4. BTW This isn't the first girlfriend Marshall has stolen from Ben. He took Lilli last year!

As for Dustin...he just got approved to cross train!!!! He will be a sensor operator on the predators. There are two bases we can go to. Either Creech near Vegas or Cannon in New Mexico. We are SUPER excited to move and start another adventure! We are praying that his tech school won't start for a few more months so that we can go home for Christmas and Marshall can finish preschool here.

As for me: I start online classes on September 14th for Medical Office Assistant AND I just got a job for a CNA position. I will be working evenings so that we will not have to put the boys in daycare and so that I can still take Marshall to preschool and all of our other activities.

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