September 05, 2009


I got allergy tested a week and a half ago because I have been having problems when I eat cherries, strawberries, & apples. With the cherries and the apples I only get itchy lips, mouth, and throat. But with the strawberry my lip swelled up...which had the doctor worried. So I went in at 8:00am and we got started with my history. A little after 9 we started the test. I had the skin prick test done. It's where they shoot some of the allergen on your skin and then prick your skin.

I was tested for 52 things and I started reacting immediately. About 5 minutes into the test I started having clearing my throat and it got increasingly worse to wear I was having problems breathing. Then I started to get hives all over my right shoulder. The nurse stopped the test at 11 minutes (it was suppose to be 15) and had to grab the doctor while another tech stayed with me. The doctor came in  and had me inject myself with my epi pen. (which is an autoinjector of epinephrine aka adrenaline) It's purpose is to keep your throat from swelling shut before you can get to the hospital. It makes your heart beat super fast.

Anyway, I did that and the doctor was watching me and then she laid me back because I apparently got really pale and my lips turned purple. After about 20 minutes I was still having problems so they gave me a liquid zyrtec and that helped a ton. I had to stay for about an hour and a half and they took vitals about every 1/2 hour.

After all that the doctor discussed the results with me. I'm moderately allergic to apples, so I can't have them fresh but I can try them cooked to see how I react.  (we didn't test cherries because I couldn't find any fresh ones, but my reaction to it orally was enough) severely allergic to strawberries so I can't them AT ALL. Which sucks because I only eat strawberry yougurt, strawberry nutrigrain bars...everything is STRAWBERRY! I'm allergic to dust mites so I had to put a cover on my about being special ; ) I'm allergic to a bunch of trees, all types of grass, and a couple of weeds. All in all it's 18 things. So now I get to take claritin and carry an epi pen every where I go.


d_redeye said...

that must had sucked, man you must be i'm glad i'm not allergic anything.

Lisa said...

Hey I've always been "special"! Yeah it sucks. I can't even go have like a regular shake without having to make sure they clean everything really good so I don't get a cross contamination. It's even more fun to have to show all my friends how to use my epi pen in case I can't. I'm SUCH a dork!

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