April 28, 2009

Marshall's birthday party

I'm still waiting to get the rest from Kelli...my battery died during the party. Marshall loved all of his gifts and had a great time. BTW I made his super fantastic baseball cake! haha

We spent Sunday making their bed's into bunk beds and moving all of their toys into their bedroom. Uncle Josh is going to come live with us for a while and the boys are super excited! Marshall is convinced that Uncle Josh is going to sleep in his bed!

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The Greer Family
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Lisa is a SAHM to Marshall & Ben and she is also going to school online to be a medical assistant. Dustin is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. Marshall just turned 6 and is finishing up his first year of school. He absolutely loves Soccer. Ben turned 4 in January and will start preschool in the Fall. He has a great imagination and is super funny and sweet!