January 02, 2009

Almost a diaper free house!

Marshall has stopped wearing diapers at nap & bedtime!! Ben is only wearing them when we go out or at nap or bedtime. He surprised us at Walmart last night and told us that he had to go potty (he's NEVER done that while out of the house) and then he held for about 10 minutes until we could go! We are very proud that both of our boys were almost done by two. Fiona the pup is doing pretty good too. She will go days without an accident and then she will have a couple. She is finally able to hold it through the night so I'm not getting up multiple times to take her out. She's very smart! She sleeps at the foot of our bed and every once in awhile I will wake up to her nose against my cheek.

Now for a little Ben cuteness!

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The Greer Family
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Lisa is a SAHM to Marshall & Ben and she is also going to school online to be a medical assistant. Dustin is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. Marshall just turned 6 and is finishing up his first year of school. He absolutely loves Soccer. Ben turned 4 in January and will start preschool in the Fall. He has a great imagination and is super funny and sweet!